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True Love Waits - Show

“We used Keith for our “True Love Waits” emphasis. He kept the teenagers spellbound. He is more than a Christian comedian, he taught Biblical truth with humor”

Matt Stewart
Student Director
Rockdale Baptist Church
Conyors, Ga


“No speaker deals with the cultural manipulation of sex like Keith does, he is the best True love Waits speaker out there. He teaches teens to analyze the sex-saturated culture they live in.”

Rodney Alaimo
Niagara County Youth Bureau
Niagara, NY

"Your True Love Waits show left a lasting impression and changed lives.  The best proof? All the students are still talking about it!

Mark Howdeshell
Pastor, First Baptist Church
Fairbanks, Alaska

What type of True Love Waits rally do you want to stage? How are you going to make an impact for True Love in one evening?

  • Do you want to have a well attended youth rally?
  • Do you want to impact parents as well as youth?
  • Do you want parents and youth thanking you for staging an event?
  • Do you want to start a “New Sexual Revolution” tm in your church and community?
  • Do you want parents and teens to be equipped with materials that will help them “Fight Back”?

Bring in Keith Deltano for your True Love Waits or Abstinence Rally. Your teens and parents will learn:

  • Christianity and Christians are NOT anti sex.
  • Love is MORE than sex.
  • Sex does not equal love.
  • Why teen’s need to feel “loved and accepted” can’t be met by sex
  • Why waiting makes logical, romantic and Biblical sense.
  • How “sex sells” and how to analyze popular culture.
  • How to understand and fight cultural lies about sex.
  • Why “safe sex” is not possible outside of a committed monogamous relationship – marriage.
  • What to do if you have been or are currently sexually active.
  • Girls – You do not have to be “beautiful” or sexy (Hollywood version) to be loved and valued.
  • Guys – You do not have to have sex to be masculine or considered adult.
  • And much more.



Scriptural Based

Keith’s style may be a little “over the top”, however it is based on scripture. Some of the scripture used in the show: Geneses 1:26, Hebrews 13:4, Proverbs 5:18-19, John 8:1-11, Ephesians 5:25, Rm 12:2 and Ph 1:10



Christian comedy may seem like the wrong vehicle to use when discussing sex with teens. But what could be more powerful than young people laughing at the ridiculousness of the way casual sex is portrayed, encouraged and glorified by their culture?


“We had the largest turnout for our True Love Waits rally ever! Using Keith’s “system” plus the draw of “Christian Comedy” filled the James Bruce Convention Center..”

Paige Wilson
Alpha Alternative Pregnancy Center
Hopkinsville, Ky


Whenever Keith is brought in for a True Love Wait rally or event he calls his show, “The New Sexual Revolution” Why the new sexual revolution? Because more and more teens are running with the True Love Waits message and revolting against the idea that you have to be sexually active to be “cool”, “loved”, or “in”.


The Uplifting Abstinence Show

Because Keith was tired of seeing Christians portrayed as anti sex, he wrote into his show a component that explores what is positive about sex and the important role that it plays within marriage. Keith does more than just tell them why not to have sex, he tells them that sex is a good thing…in marriage. Keith will aggressively correct many misconceptions teens have about sex. Keith will explain that God is the author of sex and he wants his children to enjoy it…within marriage. Keith feels that too many abstinence programs use a "fear" or "negative" approach. In his show Keith points out the "positive" reasons to wait. Yes, he does address condom failure rates and sexually transmitted disease in a powerful manner. But he also spends some time on the joys of sex within the proper parameters of love and marriage.


Well Received Throughout the Country


Keith’s wide open, hold nothing back style has been an effective vehicle for abstinence education in front of audiences ranging from one hundred to five thousand. Keith’s show deals with failure rates, peer pressure, secondary virginity, the use of sex to sell products and services, the relationship between sex and love and the blessings of sex within marriage. He has addressed these tough issues throughout the country and in front of diverse audiences.

Check out these quotes from around

the country!

"Your enthusiasm, innovativeness, and genuine concern for our youth were evident. You taught that “True Love Waits” using laughter! By articulating real life scenarios in a tactful and respectful way, the students were able to feel at ease and absorb the message."

Dr. Johnnie Gordon,
Director of Education
Monroe, NC



Contact Information

Contact Freedom Entertainment at 1-888-772-9683 or fill out the contact form . Please indicate that you are interested in conducting an abstinence education rally. Include as much detail as possible: tentative dates, target attendance (ex. Hope to have 1000 youth and 200 parents) working with other organizations, etc. These details will help Freedom Entertainment answer your query.

“Keith, thank you for your message, enthusiasm and personal involvement. The leaders in attendance were thrilled with the response of their youth.”

— Doug Petty
Director, Billy Graham’s
Asheville, NC


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Work It Work It

Pregnant in the USA

Sex sells, are you sold?

Christian Comedian Keith Deltano

“Defy Conformity – Rm 12:2, Be ye not conformed to the ways of this world…”

True Love Waits

"Cheering forAbstinence"

Christian Comedian Keith Deltano

Christian Comedian - Keith Deltano



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